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On-board instrumentation for earthmoving equipment

Range limiting device - On-board weighing system - 2D bucket guide - Radar and backup camera

MAXILOAD EVO is a dynamic onboard weighing system for wheel loaders and many other types of handling machines. This versatile model allows the operator to view the weight of the material being handled and other information essential to loading immediately and accurately. The system’s internal memory can save and export your operational management data including; client, product, truck, operator and project lists. MAXILOAD EVO is a unique innovation in the weighing industry with its large colour display, real-time data, intuitive menu with icons, a scroll wheel to navigate the menu as well as hot keys for several commands. The addition of an exterior camera is a valuable aid for manoeuvring the vehicle. The images captured by the camera are automatically displayed on the same screen. You can also add a compact printer and a wireless transmission system (optional) to your system.

Wheel loader
Articulated dumper truck
Telescopic forklift
Forklift truck
Other types
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