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Our best 2D Bucket Guidance System. Get it from Syscomak!


The iDig touch wireless bucket guidance system shows depth, grade, and digging distance. Easy to install and use, the iDIG provides centimeter accuracy.
Use one iDig system for multiple machines and buckets and get a return on your investment in less than 3 months.

Control your grade.
With the iDig Guidance System, control your excavator without leaving your cab. You will know the position of your bucket to the nearest centimeter without
using a grade checker.
No cables.
No risk of cables tearing off. The iDig communicates by radio and is charged by solar panels. Installation is simple, no need for a service technician or training to use it.
Work with confidence.
No grade checker in the trench, less risk of accident. Stop getting out of the cabin and protect your knees.



  • A unique and affordable system
  • Real-time depth indication
  • Real-time slope indication [positive(+) or negative(-), °, %, o/oo or X:Y]
  • Real-time distance
  • Universal system designed to work with all your machines

iDig Touch – Bucket Guidance System

Technical Data

  • System Power 12/24 V
  • Control box - Screen size TOUCH 7’’ (~7,1’’), 800 X 480 pixels
  • Sensor - Battery charging Solar
  • Sensor - Dimension / Weight combo: 1x 2.75x3.94x1 in - 0.53 lb / 70x100x25 mm - 242 g
  • Memory - Number of machines and buckets More than 100
  • Sensor - Dimension / Weight mini sensor: 2x 2.16x3x1 in - 0.34 lb / 55x75x25 mm - 153 g
  • Accuracy +/- 7/16’’, +/-1 cm, 0.03’
  • Operating Temperature 20° TO +70°c / -4° to 158° F

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