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Our best Indicator for Aerial Work Platforms. Get it from Syscomak!


The i4000 for Aerial Work Platforms is a range limiter that allows you to create safe working areas. It incorporates up to 2 extensions, 3 angles and rotation, allowing you to calculate the total height and radius of the basket.

The i4000 incorporates several options:

  • Load status monitor
  • Greasing
  • Radar
  • Telematics


  1. Protection against the risk of contact with electrical wires or any other obstacle;
  2. No restriction of operations due to multiple sensors;
  3. Programmable basket limits: Height, Radius and Rotation
  4. Programmable turret limits: Height, Radius and Rotation;
  5. Confirmation of the limits following the movement of the basket for increased safety;
  6. Visualization of the programmed zones by two distinct screens for easy understanding;
  7. Complies with the standards of the Quebec Construction Safety Code.


  • User friendly intuitive display with inbuilt audible and visual alarms
  • Easy calibration via keypad. No additional programming hardware necessary
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Multi-language: English, Spanish, French
  • Selectable units

Rayco i4000 – Rated Capacity Indicator, Range limiting and Multipurpose Indicator for Aerial Work Platforms

Technical Data

  • Screen Size 3.5” LCD Color Screen
  • Display Size 6.15” x 3.56” x 2.36” (15.61x9.03x5.99cm)
  • Operating Temperature -20° C to 70° C (-4° F to 158° F)
  • Extended Temperature -40° C to 70° C (-40° F to 158° F)
  • Supply Voltage 10 to 30 Vdc
  • Screen Resolution (pixel) 320x240
  • Display Rating IP67

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